Writing Coach and publishing services

I am now offering my services as a Writing Coach/Publishing Services Provider for self-publish/indie authors to help them get their books ready for publication.  The cost for each service will vary depending on which if the services you require.


If you are interested in using any or all of my services please either download the Questionnaire and send it to my email address or fill out the Contact Us form below.


Available services include:


Coaching and Mentoring - (£20 per session)


One-on-one sessions where we will discuss your writing, keep you motivated in your current projects and plan goals for the future.


Each bi-weekly session will include a 1 hour 1-to-1 consultation, a read and critique of writing (upto 5,000 words), and personal email correspondence and support during that time.


Read & Critique - (£4 per 1000 words upto 50k, then £3 per 1000 words after the first 50k)


I will read through your MS and give feedback on themes, pace and note spelling and grammer issues. You will receive a detailed report for you to implement if you decide to.


Edit & Format - (£5 per 1000 words upto 50k, then £3 per 1000 words after the first 50k)


With this service I shall correct spelling and grammer issues for you, and once your manuscript is ready for publication I will format your work so that you can upload it for ePub and Kindle formats as well as paperback.


Full Publication - (Royalty split of 50/50 - No up front costs.)


Dark Crucible Publishing is the imprint that I use to publishing my own YA (young adult) and adult horror novels. In the future I hope to publish under this banner more of my own horror work, as well as other peoples, and include the sci-fi genre and short story compilations to this as well.


If you are interested in publishing with my Dark Crucible Publishing imprint make sure then you put "Dark Crucible Publishing" in the subject line of your message, and you will be invited to send us your MS for consideration.


Requirements are that the genre is either horror or science fiction, and must be at least 40,000 words long, or a collection of short stories that combined are also at least 40,000 words long.


You will receive the Read & Critique and the Edit & Format services along with help with cover art and design. We shall also promote your book with us on social media.


All novels published under my Dark Crucible Publishing imprint can be made available in paperback, ePub and/or Kindle eBook formats. They will be available to buy from Amazon (on Kindle and/or paperback), and on other online book stores. All the links to buy them will be on this site's Book Store page.


Download this MS Word .doc questionnaire, fill it out, and then email it to cjwrightbooks@live.com